Los Angeles DVD release and screening at the Japanese American National Musuem

Tateuchi Democracy Forum
Tateuchi Democracy Forum at JANM
Please join us for the Southern California debut of the new Two-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD of Conscience and the Constitution. Producer Frank Abe will screen the film and debut a new DVD featurette, “The JACL Apologizes.” Q&A with the filmmaker and DVD signing will follow the screening in the Tateuchi Democracy Forum. Admission is free to the museum and the screening, thanks to the “Target Free Family Day” in celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

One thought on “Los Angeles DVD release and screening at the Japanese American National Musuem”

  1. I look forward to seeing how this develops. And I’m grateful to your site for the news–I would not have heard about it otherwise. On a side note: While I know this isn’t the most serious aspect of the play’s existence, I wonder why it’s a musical, of all things! How will songs be staged? Will there be background orchestration, or will accompaniment be only those instruments that might have been available to the camps? They won’t be stereotypical “Oriental” tinkly songs, will they, like the cues to Hop Sing in Bonanza? I hope there won’t be a rousing, show-stopping finale with a big chorus of JAs, guards, and WRA officials all singing (and dancing) about the end of war! (Actually, although I usually hate musicals, I thought Cabaret was excellent, but then the music actually was integral to the storyline and setting.) Thanks.

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