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“Greetings from Ground Zero” letter in Konch

Konch mastheadMy “Greetings from Ground Zero” letter from Seattle appears in this special pandemic issue of Ishmael Reed and Tennessee Reed’s Konch Magazine.

It was an honor to be asked to submit among such creative company.  It was also a chance to call out the work of Satsuki Ina leading the National Pilgrimage to Close the Camps, and Nina Wallace’s  droll observation in the Densho Blog:

At the state capitol in Olympia and others across the nation, the president’s brownshirts grieve lockdowns as egregious violations of their individual liberties, and equate them to Japanese American wartime incarceration, Jim Crow laws, and even slavery. “No,” said Nina Wallace of Densho in Seattle, “We can’t believe this actually needs to be said, but no, quarantine is not the same thing as incarceration.” And she said the obvious out loud: “Your living room is not a concentration camp, and exposing service providers to hazardous working conditions so you can get a haircut is not an inalienable right.” 

Continue reading “Greetings from Ground Zero” here. Scroll down past the publisher’s note and the bios to the table of contents and Letters section to find the link to the Word doc. 

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