Preview of DVD casewrap and menu screens

DVD casewrap Thanks to the 144 of you who have up to this moment Liked our new page on Facebook and are visiting here for the first time. We’re gearing up for delivery of the finished DVD’s. The discs are replicated and labeled, the artwork for the casewrap and insert has been perfected and in the hands of the production house for printing and cutting, and the flip-tray clamshell cases are on order. All that remains is for the assembly of the pieces into the cases and the final shrink-wrap. And the shipments. We have several pre-orders to fill plus those who were promised DVD’s with their VHS orders over these last few months; we thank you for your patience and believe the wait will be worth it.

DVD menu The casewdrap design for the DVD is shown here. Click on the image to examine the text and design in closeup. Also to the right is the design for the Outtakes menu on Disc One, which you can click on and enlarge to preview the titles of the 11 new outtakes.

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