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Postwar resettlement of Japanese Americans in Chicago explored in new mystery

Virtual Conversations for Clark and Division There was no reason on earth for me to have been born in Cleveland, Ohio, other than the policy of the War Relocation Authority to disperse families released from camp to cities in the East and Midwest.

That’s the untapped history explored by  Edgar Award-winning mystery novelist Naomi Hirahara in her groundbreaking new book CLARK AND DIVISION, centered on the postwar resettlement of Japanese Americans in Chicago. We had a delightful virtual conversation for the Elliott Bay Book Company on August 16:

The book has brought Naomi new acclaim and new readers. Her publisher has since ordered a second printing now that the first one of 18,000 is flying off the shelves, she says, “so if you want a first edition, grab it from a brick and mortar store now.” Like Elliott Bay in Seattle.

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