Escondido panel

First public panel for forthcoming graphic novel

Our graphic novel on Japanese American resistance to wartime incarceration,  WE HEREBY REFUSE, is not due for publication until February — but when doing a project like this, you can’t pass up the opportunity when asked to be part of a panel titled, “Japanese American Voices in Graphic Novels.”

UPDATE October 27: Here is the YouTube program, cued to start with our 5-minute debut of the artwork and story, followed by the panel moderated by librarian Jessica Buck and featuring Mari Nomi, Sarah Kuhn, Kiku Hughes, and Yuko Ota. [The screen is blank but the video does play.]

The Pop Culture Panel Series is sponsored by the Escondido Public Library in support of the “One Book, One San Diego” program.

Escondido panel

In the meantime, the drawings by Ross Ishikawa and Matt Sasaki are taking shape and we’re now doing the painstaking work to reshape the words to better match the drawings.

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